Friday, April 07, 2006

How the US could have won the Iraq War if Bush wasn't so dumb

The Iraqi war was not launched for legitimate reasons. It has become abundantly clear that Bush repeatedly lied to the US Congress, the Public and to the World about his reasons for going to war, but the lies are almost meaningless compared to Bush's stupidity and criminality in how he handled the lead up to the war and the disastrous aftermath.

Starting on Oct. 11, 2002 the US had a one time opportunity to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people and Bush and his advisors failed miserably.

The US should have called up 200,000 Reservists and National Guard soldiers and sent them to the US bases in England, Germany, Japan, the Phillipines and smaller bases around the world and transferred the same number of Regular Army soldiers from those bases to the US bases in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. The Regular Army soldiers should then have taken 1 year to train up to combat readiness and ensure that all soldiers were properly equipped with armored vehicles and bulletproof vests and also take an intensive course in Arabic, Farsi and Kurdish language and culture

If the Reservists and National Guard units serving in europe and asia instead of Iraq we would not be having the problems with recruitment we are having now.

At the same time, the US could have enforced a complete no-fly zone over Iraq and the CIA could have dropped Arabic leaflets all over Iraq that would have made any Iraqis who were not leaders in the Baath party eager for the US to arrive if we had said we were going to do the following:

  1. The US would guarantee the salaries of all Iraqi Police and Soldiers who stay in uniform.
  2. All Iraqi Police should stay in uniform and patrol the streets to maintain civil order.
  3. All Iraqi Soldiers should stay in uniform and protect Military, Power, Water and Oil sites from looting and to help the police to maintain civil order.
  4. The only Iraqis who would need to fear the US are those who ordered or participated in War Crimes or Crimes Against Humanity. i.e. Use of Chemical Weapons, and Rape, Murder or Torture of civilians.
  5. The US would guarantee the salaries of all Iraqis who work for local manufacturing and industrial companies if they continue to work at their jobs.
  6. The US would hire all able bodied Iraqi men between the ages of 15 and 50 who do not already have a job.
  7. The US would pay the newly hired Iraqis to rebuild or build new Power, Water and Sewage infrastructure as well as Roads, Schools, Hospitals, Oil Refineries and Petrochemical Plants.
  8. The workers who did their jobs well in the reconstruction would be guaranteed jobs working with the newly constructed facilities.

It is possible that while the US troops were training in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, the Shiite and Kurdish Iraqis would have rebelled and the US could have just provided air cover for the rebellion and would not have needed to invade at all.

If we actually needed to invade Iraq, we would have done so in the fall when the temperature, dust and mosquitoes would not be against us.


Blogger Bob Waters said...

Actually, we're going to win the war in Iraq.

The deal will probably be sealed within six months.

Hey, dude... stop hating, and read the information on both sides!

8:17 PM  

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